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February 07, 2010


Jeanne Barrack

I loved this film!
The way it blended the past and the present was so much like a dream. You see the memories of the young gay youth, now grown up and returning in his mind and in reality (?) to the place where he and his friend shared so much.
That gentle first kiss between people who love each other was just exquisite.
What happened to his female friend? Why wasn't she there, too? Had she found someone? Was he still giving everything to his lovers?
I'd like to think that he had found someone to be his one-man. I'd like to think that he's still in contact with his confidant.
I'd like to think that he would send her a message that said that he went back to their HS and though the school was deserted, their memories were still there.
Thanks for sharing this.

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