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September 29, 2009


Stan Magnan

An authentic bagel, from a goyish (atheist of Southern Baptist/New England Catholic extraction) perspective, is plain or sesame, from H&H, for 15¢, at 3:00 a.m., with o.j., alas, in the Seventies.

Mark H

Stan: the '70s was about the last time H&H bagels were any good. So you're right there. Of course, buying a bagel on the corner of 80th street and Broadway at 3AM in the '70s was also taking your life into your hands. But the bagels were good.


Noah's in SF used to have actual bagels -- not only hard on the outside and chewy, and not flavored with sweet stuff, but kosher pareve. You could get a bagel with lox and shmear and know you had something in your mouth for $1.50. But that was before Noah sold the business and opened a kosher vegetarian restaurant in a trendy neighborhood of North Oakland. Now, the only way to get a chewy bagel from Noah's or anyone else, at least in the SF Bay area, is to leave it out unwrapped for three days. Alas.

Mark H

Hi Piet! A couple of years back I went with a friend of mine to Montreal, where there is a big rivalry between two bagel bakeries. I had a strong preference for one — but I found myself wondering about how the difference in the water in Montreal affected the taste, which was clearly different from what I knew in NYC.

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