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November 02, 2008


Tom Approbato

I'll offer an entry for this. We'll be calling them Bushbergs before you know it. It has that kind of name that makes you thinking of having a beer with the guy that helped put you out of a job. Sigh... the good old days are here again.

John Chiafalo

Tom sorta beat me to the punch with the town's name but I know what chain I'll be staying with.

I plan on being ensconced in luxury at Bushedburg's "W" Hovel.


Shall we call them... Bailout Bungalows?


I've been thinking of them as "Bushton"s and wondering how long it would take before they achieved some sort of identifiable notoriety in the press. Probably not as good as Bushburg or Bushville but I thought the essential Anglo-ness of his name should be continued in the descriptor.

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