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July 22, 2008



"In G-d's image" speaks to humankind's kinship with G-d's spiritual essence, not humankind's physicality. Mankind got that from the physical universe. Hence, the Bible quotes G-d as saying "We" shall make Man in "Our" image. He is ONE, but he is speaking to the universe which is responsible for half of humankind's nature. This explanation is discussed by our sages. Likewise, the "male and female" ---gender--- has a divine character. G-d transcends gender.


The sacred name can not be pronounced.

It can be heard, and it can be seen.

It is light on on the subatomic level, which moves and produces the celestial music of the speres.

This name goes by many names, by different religions, LOGS by the CHristians, ANcient of Days by the JEWS, AKASH BANI, Sultan el Sultan, Udgit, NAAM, NAD,Sonorous Light, and many more.

All religions say the same thing on the inner level.

MEET the MEssiah within.

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