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July 15, 2007


Mike Doyle

Seeing these familiar faces on the pier is the biggest reason I wish I could immediatelty end my self-imposed exile in Chicago and return to New York now (instead of awaiting the job offer that will allow me to come back home in a wiser manner).

I was a GLYNY member from 1986 through 1990, and a member of the steering committee as well during those years. At the age of 37, those remain the most fertile, tenderly remembered years of my life.

And the fact that we have come back together so many years later, and that so many dear long-lost friends are now again, simply, dear friends, is nothing short of miraculous (a word I use with every sense of reverence it can carry).

Your tenure in the group predated mine, Mark, and I did not know you. But welcome back to the fold! Welcome home.

Mark H


Thanks for your sweet comments. It is always a pleasure to encounter a man who has the ability to recognize the miraculous in what seems like the everyday, and then show reverence for it. Hope to meet you if you ever wander back from Chicago.

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