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March 01, 2007



dear mark,
I resent it when people ask/comment that I am a jubu, buju, whatever. this is just one more airless box. speaking for myself, and unanimously, I am a jew with a soto zen practice. there are times in the past when I would resent the fact that my wonderful and compelling heritage is Not the practice that supports my life; that my rebbe is a human being; that Dogen often leaves Akiva and Hillel-- si'yag l'chokhmah shetika-- in the dust, but hey... je kvetch, je suis, but this is Not Self.
L'shana tova secular!


I love this, "Another Queer Jewish Buddhist!" Really nice description. Would love to learn more.


Hi I am intrigued by this blog and about jubu or what ever . I am gay Sri Lankan bear type (if it matters) and BPS is published here. Would love to communicate more on buddhism with you

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